Power Washing

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Details like gutter cleaning and power washing are small investments compared to the costs that arise when maintenance is neglected.

Our company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee across Metro Vancouver.

Any job big or small gets the same attention to be up to our standards. Having it done right is often far less expensive in the long run than a DIY approach, and safer as well. At A Plus, we take care of the extras to give your building its best appearance and prolong its service life. High pressure mechanical machines should be operated with due regards to safety instructions.

Could be anything:

  • Driveways, sidewalks, and fences
  • Parkades, paving stones, retaining walls
  • Carport floors
  • Aluminum railings, fibre glass and vinyl
  • Balcony decks, patio furniture, roofs and gutters


  • Cold or hot depending on the project
  • Pre-spray – using a biodegradable solution to loosen caked dirt or algae prior to washing

Where is the Plus?

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t need to mean to be deprived from the best cleaning results. In fact, our techniques permit us to reduce the water pressure on our machines which reduces the quantity of water and energy used per project.

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